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SiliCycle Application Notes

Silica gel
Appl. Note F5.1 - Solvent stability of functionalized silica.pdf

Silica Bound Scavengers & Reagents
Appl. Note F1.2 - Use of Si-Dichlorotriazine.pdf 
Appl. Note F6.2 - Use of SiliaCat TEMPO.pdf 
Appl. Note F7.1 - Use of Si-Cyanoborohydride.pdf 
Appl. Note F8.1 - Use of SiliaBond DMAP.pdf 
Appl. Note F9.1 - Use of SiliaBond Carbonate.pdf 
Appl. Note M1.0 - Typical Experimental Conditions & Calculation.pdf
Appl. Note M2.0 - Parameters Effect on Scavenging Efficiency.pdf
Appl. Note M3.0 - Scavenging Palladium Catalysts.pdf
Appl. Note M4.0 - Scavenging Rhodium Catalysts.pdf

Appl. Note M5.0 - Scavenging a Nickel Catalyst.pdf
Appl. Note M6.0 - Scavenging a Platinum Catalyst.pdf
Appl. Note M7.0 - Scavenging a Tin Catalyst.pdf
Appl. Note M8.0 - SiliaBond Metal Scavengers Characteristics.pdf
Appl. Note M9.0 - Scavenging Pd(dppf)2Cl2 using SiliaBond DMT.pdf
Appl. Note M10.0 - Scavenging Ruthenium Catalysts. pdf
Appl. Note M11.0 - SiliaBond (Bulk) & SiliaPrep (SPE) Scavenging Efficiency Comparison.pdf
Appl. Note M12.0 - SiliaBond Metal Scavenger Compatible with RCM Reaction.pdf
Appl. Note M13.0 - SiliaBond Metal Scavenger: Easily Scalable

Appl. Note M14.0 - Metal Scavenging using SiliaPrep Thiol in Pictures.pdf
Appl. Note M15.0 - Metal Scavenging using SiliaBond Thiol in Pictures.pdf

Flash Cartridges
Appl. Note C1.1 - Column cleaning and regeneration.pdf (Flash and HPLC columns)
Appl. Note C2.1 - Quick overview of column chromatography.pdf

Appl. Note F1.2 - Use of Si-Dichlorotriazine.pdf 
Appl. Note P1.2 - SPE method for acrylamide.pdf 
Extraction of Oil and Grease from water.pdf 
Extraction of PAH's and PCB's from water.pdf 
Strong Cation Exchanger extraction method.pdf 
SPE extraction method of Streptomycin in food.pdf 
SPE extraction method of Phenol in wine.pdf 
Reversed-Phase SPE extraction method.pdf
TFA Removal using SiliaPrep Carbonate.pdf

TLC Plates
Appl. Note C3.1 - Stains for Thin Layer Chromatography plates.pdf

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